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Leg and Knee Pain

Here at ‘The Podiatrist’ we deal with leg and knee pain on a regular basis and can assist you with these problems.

It is important if you experience leg or knee pain that you don’t ignore it. If untreated the pain could be causing irreversible damage to your joints or the prolonged pain may prevent you from completing your everyday duties. The alignment of your lower limb can be analyzed to ensure there are no abnormalities that could be contributing to this pain. In addition a podiatrist can lead you in the right direction to other medical or allied health professional’s that can provide further help with your pain or discomfort.

If you do suffer from leg or knee pain we strongly recommend you see us here at ‘The Podiatrist’ to undertake a lower limb assessment that will lead you in the right direction for immediate and long term relief of your symptoms.

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Call Us today: 02 9363 1922