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Those who walk or run long distances are no strangers to foot blisters. When the foot intensely and repeatedly rubs up against the inside of the shoe, a blister can form. A blister is a puffy, bubble of skin filled with fluid that protects the skin and promotes healing of the injured area. Wearing poorly fitting shoes — or new shoes that haven’t been broken in – can set the wearer up for blisters. The main symptom is the appearance of a bubble-like, raised portion of skin. Other symptoms that may accompany the bubbled skin include:

  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Itching

When running or walking, wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes and clean socks. If you get a blister, wear shoes as infrequently as possible until it has healed or you’ve sort treatment. Definitely avoid the footwear that caused the initial irritation. Protect the blister with a loose, clean bandage until the body absorbs the fluid in the blister and the blister thoroughly heals. Podiatrists can assist in diagnosing the cause of chronic blisters and outline an appropriate plan to avoid reoccurrence.

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